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Samsung Workers Extend Strike ‘Indefinitely’

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Key Takeaway

  • The National Samsung Electronics Union has extended its three-day work stoppage “indefinitely,” it said Wednesday.
  • The 30,000-member group is demanding a 3.5% pay increase and improved transparency in pay.
  • Samsung management insists chip production hasn’t been disrupted, which the union disputes, according to reports.

Samsung Electronics workers in South Korea have extended an ongoing strike “indefinitely,” according to a statement from the labor union published Wednesday.

The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU), which represents some 30,000 members, launched a three-day work stoppage on Monday after the two parties could not agree on wage increases, bonuses, and vacations after several rounds of negotiations, CNBC reported. The group’s specific demands include a 3.5% pay increase and improved transparency in pay.

‘Don’t Get Tired’

The union’s statement, written in Korean, had a clear message for its members according to a translation: “Don’t get tired.” The strike is the first in Samsung’s 55-year history, CNBC reported.

The NSEU has said the strike has disrupted chip production, a fact Samsung’s management disputes. The world’s top smartphone provider told local media that no disruptions occurred during the first two days of the strike and added Wednesday that it would “ensure no disruptions occur in the production lines” as the strike continues, CNBC reported. 

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