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Pentagon reports more than 600 cases and 2 deaths

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WASHINGTON — Since the coronavirus emerged, the Pentagon has reported a total of 652 confirmed cases of the coronavirus within the Department of Defense.

Of the 652 cases, 343 are active-duty military, 135 are civilians, 111 dependents and 63 contractors. These figures include 37 recoveries and 2 deaths across the entire department.

Earlier this week, the Department of Defense confirmed that a U.S. Marine who worked within the Pentagon tested positive for the deadly virus. The Pentagon reservation employs more than 22,000 people, making it one of the largest office buildings in the world.

The Pentagon confirmed Friday that the second person within the Department of Defense to test positive for the coronavirus died. A contractor who worked at the Defense Security Cooperation Agency died on Saturday and a military dependent died on Thursday.

The virus has infected more than 558,905 worldwide, though many have recovered. In the U.S. more than 92,930 cases have been reported so far.

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