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Number One Scottie Scheffler Says Jesus Defines Him, Not Golf

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World-renowned golfer Scottie Scheffler is strongly repping his Christian faith, making headlines with a powerful statement ahead of this year’s Masters Tournament: “I believe in Jesus.”

The 27-year-old athlete, who has been ranked number one in the world for over 80 weeks, went viral on social media after delivering some heartfelt remarks during a press conference on Tuesday. 

When asked about how much golf “defines” him, Scheffler said that it’s a “selfish” sport so he hopes it doesn’t make up too much of who he is. Instead of being defined by his great career, he’s centered around his faith. 

“I’m a faithful guy. I believe in a Creator. I believe in Jesus. Ultimately, I think that’s what defines me the most,” the pro told the reporter.

“I feel like I’ve been given a platform to compete and show my talent. It’s not anything that I did. I think I sat up here a couple years ago doing the interview after the 2022 Masters,” he continued, “and it’s like, ‘Yeah, I was underprepared for what was about to happen. I didn’t know what was going to happen.’ I was very anxious that morning. I didn’t know what to expect, and it’s hard to describe the feeling.”

He doubled down, saying, “But I think that’s what defines me the most — is my faith.”

“I believe in one Creator, that I’ve been called to come out here, do my best, compete, and glorify God, and that’s pretty much it.”

According to the golf icon, the sport is “just something that I do.”

After winning the 2022 Masters, almost nothing has been able to stop Scheffler from doing well this year as the tournament powers through its third day — except for his family.

The golfer and his high school sweetheart, Meredith Scheffler, are expecting their first child in a few weeks, but he said he’s ready to leave “at a moment’s notice” should his wife go into labor. 

“As far as her going into labor, I wouldn’t say I’m very concerned. We haven’t seen any of the early signs. But pregnancy is weird. It can happen at any time. Yeah, open lines of communication and she can get ahold of me if she needs to,” he told reporters, according to CNN

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