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MarketCap.COM is for SALE

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MarketCap.COM is for SALE
MarketCap.COM is for SALE
MarketCap.COM for SALE

Location, location and location = MarketCap.COM
That’s all that matters, both in real world and in the internet world, and marketcap.com is located in the right spot for the booming Fin-Tech industry.
The Fin-tech industry goes “beyond coins” because his new industry is much more than just coins.

To make a few things clear.
I am under no circumstances obligated to sell this domain name and website, I can simply keep it.
I can also provide hosting for up to a year given the existing site and traffic pattern.

With most material things in life, I can change my mind if the “marketcap” is high enough, so to speak.
I can also sell to anyone that I want too, without informing the other interested parties.

I have no need to publish the sale price in public, but if the buyer will do it, it is OK for me.
I only have to report income to my local IRS authorities.

If you think you have an attractive monetary offer (USD/EUR/GBP or some of the highest ranked crypto coins (in terms of marketcap), you are welcome to send me an email at steinar@marketcap.com
If you don’t get any reply your offer is simply not attractive.

Introduction of MarketCap.COM
A good domain name should be easy to memorize and relatively short.
A short name could be good, if it is easy to remember, but that is not always the case.
And the DOT COM extension is still the King on the hill.

And that is the reason why I registered MarketCap.COM, more than 23 years ago, because “Marketcap” is a financial acronym for: Market capitalization and never gets out of fashion.

The term “Marketcap” is found everywhere in the financial sector and even in popular language, blogs and news.

Marketcap or Market capitalization is calculated from the share price (as recorded on selected day) multiplied by the number of outstanding shares. It can be in any ordinary FIAT value, as US$ or even crypto like Bitcoin.

The history of Marketcap.com
I registered marketcap.com for the very first time back in March 17th 1998.
This bode for the fact that there is absolutely NO LEGAL issues.
I , and the potential new owner, is FIRST IN RIGHT to use this domain name to whatever they want.

Also some search engines will use the age as a ranking criteria, and with more than 23 years you will own one of the oldest DOT COM domain names out there.
So far, I have never spent a dime on advertising, so all the traffic to the site is just pure organic.

Marketcap.com is ranking the highest for the word “marketcap” on the alternative search engines like: Bing.com, Yahoo.com, DuckDuckGo.com, Yandex.com, Qwant.com, Swisscows.com among others.

For Google, marketcap.com shows up on the second page. I dropped from first page when I did not sign up for advertising with them, that is a fact.

Recent Crypto push
Now these days, with the growing popularity of crypto coins, tokens and in general terms crypto assets, the acronym “marketcap” has gotten a real boost.

Since crypto assets are fully transparent due to the blockchain technology behind it, everyone can now see the “marketcap” for any crypto assets.

In fact due to the transparency and ease of use, you will even find popular company shares, wrapped into a token, or “tokenized”.

One example ist the crypto coin: “Tesla” which in this case is represented by real Tesla car stocks.
The benefit for the average user, is that now, you can even purchase a small slice of a Tesla share.

But not only stocks gets wrapped into tokens: gold, silver and FIAT money are also “tokenized”.
Soon to come, several national banks will release their crypto money.
We may also see the first Fortune 500 company issuing their share as a crypto assets.

Recently digital arts has been sold for a staggering price of more than $69 million.
In this case as Non Fungible Tokes or NFT in short.

Also NFT’s can be sold in a single number or registered copies. Again the term marketcap applies.

What will the future bring?
Of course, no one knows, But there will always be need for a transparent pricing information service today and in the future.

After all, there will be humans that will take informed choices.

As the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) evolve, big crypto exchanges may find their businessmodel eroding, taken over by new functionality, and upcoming protocols like: Lightning Protocol (for Bitcoin) and Raiden Network (for Ethereum) which will enable nearly instant peer-to-peer transactions.

However, the need for informed pricing information, will never get out of fashion.
Therefore Marketcap.com will always be among one of the most popular domain names.

I have published a minimum price of US$ 1.4 million (up from 1m).

But it should be clear that this is a domain name that has a great potential to rank among the 500 most visited domain names in the world.

At the current state, the service from: diib.com have estimated an annual potential of $232k+ which in terms of an ROI of 10% per annum, would price the domain name to $ 2.32++ million.
However if we look at the potential, the pricing could be much higher.

E.g. the company / domain name: coinmarketcap.com was recently sold for the rumored price of $300-$400 million.
Some suggest even higher pricing.

Another domain name: voice.com was sold for $30 million + fees.

And how knows? It is not impossible that marketcap.com may overtake coinmarketcap.com in terms of traffic.
After all marketcap.com is a more generic and easier to memorize domain name than coimarketcap.com

Contact me at: steinar@marketcap.com

Steinar V. Kolnes, the sole owner of marketcap.com

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