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Keith Olbermann says ‘goodbye’ to New York Times subscription, citing publisher’s ‘grudge against Biden’

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Progressive commentator Keith Olbermann took out his frustration against The New York Times’ supposed bias against President Biden by appearing to end his subscription with the flagship liberal newspaper.

Olbermann shared a screenshot to X on Friday evening that showed him going through the process of ending his subscription with The Times on its website.

The image showed that Olbermann was choosing which explanation for why he was leaving that the paper’s website provided ahead of allowing him to opt out of paying for it.


Keith Olbermann

Former MSNBC star Keith Olbermann appeared to end his subscription to The New York Times after seeing reports that the outlets publisher has been slamming President Biden for dodging interviews. (Getty Images)

Of the two shown – “I have concerns about the New York Times’s coverage” and “I want to cancel for a different reason” – the image revealed that Olbermann chose the former option.

In a subsequent prompt, where the website asked the user for “feedback” on why they were cutting the subscription, Olbermann called out The Times’ publisher, A.G. Sulzberger, for his alleged attitude towards Biden. 

In the field, Olbermann wrote, “AG Sulzberger’s grudge against Biden is intolerable and endangers democracy.”

In a caption he provided with the image, Olbermann added, “Goodbye, @nytimes. Subscriber since 1969. Not again until Sulzberger is gone.”

In a video posted to his account on Saturday, Olbermann alluded to exactly why he was frustrated with Sulzberger – namely, a recent Politico article that detailed the tensions between the New York Times and the White House over the outlets and specifically pointed to Sulzberger.

Olbermann’s clip mentioned a quote in the Politico piece from an anonymous Times journalist who allegedly said, “It’s A.G. He’s the one who is pissed [that] Biden hasn’t done any interviews and quietly encourages all the tough reporting on his age.”

According to Politico, Sulzberger also reportedly confronted Vice President Kamala Harris over Biden’s decision to avoid interviews with major newspapers.

Following Politico’s piece, The Times released a statement which slammed Biden for granting “far fewer press conferences and sit-down interviews with independent journalists than virtually all of his predecessors.”

“It is true that The Times has sought an on-the-record interview with Mr. Biden, as it has done with all presidents going back more than a century. If the president chooses not to sit down with The Times because he dislikes our independent coverage, that is his right, and we will continue to cover him fully and fairly either way,” it added.

Fox News Digital reached out to the New York Times for comment on Olbermann allegedly canceling his subscription. 


A.G. Sulzberger and President Joe Biden split

New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger claimed the White House has been “extremely upset” about coverage of President Biden’s age.  (Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images for The New York Times/Anna Moneymaker)

Olbermann has demonstrated he isn’t a fan of liberals criticizing President Biden. After “The Daily Show” host John Stewart mocked the Biden administration in February for avoiding the Super Bowl interview and opting for TikTok posts instead, the former MSNBC anchor slammed the comedian.

He posted to X, “Well after nine years away, there’s nothing else to say to the bothsidesist fraud Jon Stewart bashing Biden, except: Please make it another nine years.”

And when CNN anchor Abby Phillip remarked in January that “nobody” wants former President Trump or Biden to be president again, Olbermann hit her with a personal attack, posting, “CNN has to address the reality that [Phillip] has been an absolute disaster and that this foot-in-mouth editorial is the first thing she’s gotten noticed for since her show debuted.”

Phillip shot back at Olbermann on X, “Or, you can come to terms with the reality of your irrelevance and stop being a nasty social media troll. But that’s entirely up to you.”

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