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Judge dismisses several counts against Trump in Georgia election case

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Judge Scott McAfee presides over a hearing regarding media access in the case against former US President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendents, at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 31, 2023.

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A judge on Wednesday dismissed six counts in the Georgia criminal election interference case against former President Donald Trump and five other defendants.

But other criminal counts against Trump and the defendants remain after the order by Judge Scott McAfee.

McAfee tossed out counts accusing Trump and the others of the crime of solicitation of violation of oath by public officer.

The counts related to efforts by the defendants to get members of Georgia’s legislature and the secretary of state to delegitimize the election victory of President Joe Biden over Trump in the state’s 2020 contest.

McAfee in his order said he was dismissing those counts because the indictment’s language accusing the defendants of soliciting elected officials to violate their oaths to the U.S. and Georgia constitutions “is so generic as to compel” the requested dismissal of the charges.

“On its own, the United States Constitution contains hundreds of clauses, any one of which can be the subject of a lifetime’s study,” McAfee wrote.

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