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James Carville Lashes Out at Young Voters Turning on Joe Biden: ‘F*ck You!’

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Democrat strategist James Carville lashed out at woke young voters who have turned on President Joe Biden, saying they would have “no rights left” if former President Donald Trump were to win the election.

The former Clinton adviser made his position known in a video posted on Sunday.

“So I hear this a lot: ‘James, young voters are just not into this. It’s two candidates — one’s in the 80s, one is almost in the 80s — they’re concerned about things that Washington politicians, and you just can’t blame them for’ — Oh, shit. Fuck you!” Carville yelled.

Carville advised those voters to watch “what is happening in the Supreme Court.”

“If you’re 26, do you see what they’re doing? First of all, they’re gonna take every right that you could possibly have away from you,” he said.

Carville referred to the conservative Supreme Court justices as “illegitimate whores.”

“Don’t teach anybody that the current Supreme Court has any moral or legal legitimacy. It doesn’t. It’s in there because of contrivements, and it’s in there because of weakness and cowardice,” he said.

Carville told Democrat operatives to tell these “young people to get off your motherfucking ass and go vote because you should vote like your entire future and the entire future of this United States depends on it because, quite frankly, it does, and that’s not an exaggeration.”

“I’ve been very vocal about this,” Carville added. “It’s horrifying, our numbers among younger voters, particularly younger blacks, younger Latinos … younger people of color, particularly males.”

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