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Headline reaction to Johnson’s election win around the world

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British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party Boris Johnson speaks to supporters and press as the Conservatives celebrate election victory on December 13, 2019 in London, England.

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As the world wakes up to the news of a landslide victory for the ruling Conservative Party in the U.K.’s general election, CNBC takes a look at frontpage reaction from newspapers across the globe.

‘Carrie on Boris – Tory landslide … and Corbyn’s on his bike’ – The Sun

British tabloid The Sun pictured a “jubilant” Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds arriving in his west London constituency of Uxbridge this morning. It also referred to the “disaster” defeat suffered by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who announced plans to step down.

‘Rejoice! Boris surges to landslide win’ – The Daily Mail

Another of the U.K.’s newspapers, The Daily Mail, showed Johnson on a “victory march” as the “Tories storm the North” and the Labour party’s “Red Wall falls,” referring to seats in the north of England and the Midlands which had traditionally voted for the leftist opposition. The Mail said voters delivered a “humiliating verdict on Jeremy Corbyn’s brand of socialism.”

‘Johnson unleashed’ – The i paper

The i paper described the Conservative’s victory as a “blue tide” sweeping the U.K. and how the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, lost her seat in a “bleak night” for the centrist party.

‘Labour in meltdown as Johnson seizes majority’ – The Guardian

Left-leaning paper The Guardian said Johnson was “triumphant after trouncing Labour with (its) pro-Brexit strategy” and that both of the major parties were “stunned” by the exit poll last night, suggesting a “decisive majority” for the Conservatives.

‘Johnson’s historic victory’ – The Telegraph

Meanwhile, pro-Conservative paper The Telegraph, which once counted Johnson as a columnist, highlighted that the ruling party was set for its “biggest success since (Margaret) Thatcher”, who won a landslide vote in 1987.

‘Europa bye-bye’ – la Repubblica

Italy’s la Repubblica went for a snappy headline in response to the Conservative victory, alluding to the fact that the Conservatives “absolute majority” means “the path for London seems clear: Brexit will happen on the January 31 2020,” according to a translation.

‘Los sondeos apuntan a una mayoría rotunda de Johnson’ – El País

“Polls point to a resounding majority for Johnson,” was the translated headline from Spain’s El País, mentioning that this looked to be worst result for the Labour party since 1935.

‘British voters hand Johnson and Brexit a big win’ – New York Times

The New York Times said the Conservative victory was a “resounding vindication” for Johnson, “defying predictions that he would be tossed out of a job” and that the Prime Minister “now seems assured of leading Britain through its most momentous transition since World War II.”

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