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Columbia Protest Rep Demands Refreshments for Violent Activists Occupying Building; ‘Humanitarian Aid’

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A spokesperson for the pro-Palestinian activists who broke into Hamilton Hall at Columbia University early Tuesday morning demanded that the university allow food and drink to be delivered to the building.

Much like the Hamas terrorists the protesters support, who attacked Israel on October 7 and then demanded that Israel provide them with food and fuel, the student leader said that the activists were entitled to “humanitarian aid.”

The spokesperson was identified by other outlets as Johanna King-Slutzky.

King-Slutzky, a graduate student and left-wing political activist, cited the fact that students (or their parents) had paid for Columbia’s meal plan as a reason to make sure they were fed while illegally occupying campus property by force.

She also claimed that denying food and drink to the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, and antisemitic protesters would mean effectively sentencing them to die from dehydration or starvation.

Students occupying property at several elite universities, such as UCLA, have been allowed to bring in food and drink, and to use on-campus bathrooms.

The Columbia students, however, appear to have worn out their welcome after Tuesday morning’s violent Hamilton raid.

Just hours after King-Slutzky issued her demand for refreshments, the New York Police Department (NYPD) removed the activists from Hamilton Hall at the invitation of the university. Previously, the university had pledged not to use the NYPD again, as it had done when removing a pro-Palestinian encampment earlier in the month. However, after negotiations with the activists broke down, and they invaded Hamilton Hall, there was little choice.

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