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Biden doesn’t care if Jewish students are living in fear

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham argues in her opening monologue that President Biden gave a speech condemning anti-Israel protests on college campuses because he was in “big political trouble.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Now, it’s a good rule of thumb that whenever the White House staff rushes Joe Biden out to address the nation, it can only mean one thing: He’s in big political trouble.


Well, things haven’t looked very “civil” for the weeks on campus that we’ve been witnessing. Now, after a night of violent clashes on its main campus and after weeks of liberal dithering, UCLA finally gave the go-ahead for law enforcement to come in and dismantle the encampment. All the creatures hiding under their umbrellas and wearing their masks – imagine how dirty those masks are – were all arrested. So regular Americans are watching this, and they’re asking, “Why did things get so out of hand?” Well, tonight I’m going to tell you why. Because the people screaming, “Long live the intifada!” find support in almost every nook and cranny of these schools. And I think UCLA was just afraid of offending one of its core constituencies. 

ucla encampment

Pro-Palestine Protestors stand with shields across from members of law enforcement in an encampment at UCLA on May 2, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. The camp was declared ‘unlawful’ by the university and many protestors have been detained.  ((Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images))

Now, Democrats have also been struggling between two competing interests here. For Biden, coming out too strongly against these creatures, it could hurt him against his activist base. But if he stayed silent too long, he’d lose even more voters, in what I like to call normal America.

Jewish students have been harassed. Other students have lost their schooling, graduation, etc. Police have been injured and those responsible are the America-hating leftists. It’s not rednecks or Mississippi. It’s not MAGA people. It’s the leftists. Period. Nice try Joe. ,

But the sad truth is, Biden just doesn’t care if Jewish students are living in fear. And he certainly doesn’t care about the strains on law enforcement. We’re going to get into that in a little bit. 


If he cared about any of those things, he would have spoken out unequivocally, far earlier than he did, and with real passion, with real conviction. After all, we know what Joe sounds like when he considers a crowd dangerous.

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