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2014 Bitcoin war, Bobby Lee, Brock Pierce, Federal Reserve,

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When Brock Pierce said,  “2014 will be the year of Bitcoin”, it may have been more accurate to say, this will be the year of the 2014 BITCOIN war. History will likely show that when a Chinese Bitcoin exchange CEO  found a workaround to allow RMB deposits in China,  it will have been  Bobby Lee who fired the first  shot in  the 2014 Bitcoin war with the global Central bankers.    Read This link   for more details.

It may be hard to believe that  digital non-debt based money could pose a threat to the global economic system and Federal Reserve notes, but believe we must; bankers are a paranoid bunch who are  protective of their cash-flow. They will fire back in the 2014 Bitcoin war and they will hit hard with ever weapon at their disposal.  They have laws , lobbyists and lot’s to lose in the 2014 bitcoin war.

Yes to be clear, cryptocurrencies are only a small annoyance to the banking cartel now but these are not stupid people: we should understand that they would rather destroy bitcoin now rather than see it grow in use and popularity. There are billions of dollars of annual interest payments from Governments at risk in the future and we are the enemy.

Here are Four Things  you can do to prepare for the battles ahead:

Get to know our mutual enemy. I suggest you take a few minutes to watch this You Tube:“ The Biggest Scam In the History of Mankind”  They have billions of reasons to battle hard in the 2014 Bitcoin war.

Stay away from Political action campaigns that promote BTC — they Will not work.  If voting and populist democracy actually worked the bankers would try to make it illegal. Lobbying is the key to the door and  We could never out lobby the bankers in Congress. According to CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton, in his retirement speech, the bankers lobbyists out number the lawmakers 10:1.   Our only alternative is to educate everybody about the evils of lobbyists.

But our main target has to be the Federal Reserve in the bitcoin war of 2014. Here are 100 reasons we should   “End the Fed” — we should speak, write and sing these facts around in every conversation we have. The 100 horrible truths about the Federal reserve are  important to spread around in the bitcoin war of 2014.  Make it a daily event in your life to attack a central bank.  I was in politics and negative attacks work!

But mostly just be calm and work hard to use bitcoins in your daily life.

Have a Happy New Year “Bitcoiners” and let’s get ready to rumble in 2014 and remember — strength in numbers.

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